E-bay Selling Tricks


Buying products online is a choice more and more people make. This method is easier, cheaper and offers anyone the chance to purchase items what cannot be found in the usual local stores.

E-bay is the world’s largest marketplace. People post the products they want to sell (products which can consist in gadgets, tools, household appliances, clothes, accessories, and so on) and are contacted by buyers who are interested in purchasing the items. A seller must keep in mind and apply some simple tricks in order to get positive feedback and increase sales.

Promoting the product in the right way

ebayA seller can promote his or her products properly by taking lots of photos. The more photos are taken, the better it will be. The quality of the photos which are taken also has to be a good one. Also, providing a detailed, clear and concise description is definitely a plus. Possible buyers will gain more confidence and will be more interested to buy the product if its presentation is written properly.
Describing the product vocally is also a great advantage. The seller has to promote the product with a good speech, talking clearly and with confidence.

Being informed

Right products at the proper time! Increasing the sales is certain with a simple trick: checking what items the clients demand to fulfill their needs and expectations. These products can be found in the “Most Popular Items” tool, where they are ranked and organized in a list.


If interested, clients will ask the seller for more details regarding the items they want to purchase. Being polite, giving proper answers and replying as soon possible will gain a client’s trust. In this way, the buyer will be closer to buying the product and giving a positive feedback.


It’s important to examine the item that will be given for sale before publishing an announcement on the site. Afterwards, a seller has to check what prices the E-bay competition offer. The next step is choosing a proper for the item, making sure it is a realistic one (not too cheap, not too expensive).

The Road from Trading Posts to Online Markets


Nowadays, more and more people prefer to buy products online rather than purchasing them from trading posts. Online shopping sites such as Amazon( founded in 1994) , EBay ( founded in 1995) and Alibaba ( founded in 1999) become extremely popular with each year that passes.
A customer will rather choose to shop online than to go personally into a store to purchase an item because of the many advantages this shopping style presents.

Better organized merchandise – Online boutiques have their merchandise organized in categories, making it easy to find what you are looking for in less than a minute. For example, if you want to buy a blue sweater, the search bar will immediately direct you to the wanted product. Afterwards, you can check the product’s qualities and order it if it is to your liking.

No queues – Shopping online saves you from the endless queues you dislike so much. In this way, you can easily order an item from your home, avoiding losing your precious and short free time.

Free transport – Some products can be purchased and delivered without you having to pay a transport fee. Moreover, some sellers might offer you a discount if you buy multiple products from them.

Returning items – Sometimes, a purchased item might not be the product you actually wanted to buy, having a defect or being made of a bad material. Important info: the Customer Contracts Regulations gives a client the opportunity to return an item in 14 days after receiving it. Also, you will get a refund in 14 days at the time the seller received the goods back. Remember to check the details regarding the products you are buying: some sellers might not offer you a refund or you might have to pay for the returning costs.

Reviews – Online shopping sites allow their customers to state their opinion regarding the quality of a product and the services the seller is offering. Customers write reviews and give you valuable information you can later use. Keep in mind to check other clients’ ratings to observe if the products you are interested in are good items or faulty.

The right man/woman at the right time! – Online markets frequently make offers regarding the items they sell. Check sites whenever you have time. Sometimes you might get very lucky and buy an expensive product you really wanted for a long time at the cheapest value possible.

Go product hunting – If you want to buy summer items (for example) at a cheap price, try purchasing them off season! Online markets make it possible for you to order any type of item no matter the period of the year. For instance, summer items such as swimsuits, beach balls umbrellas or UV sunglasses get cheaper at the end of the season. In this way, you will be able to save a penny for a rainy day!