Domain Name Search – Do It Like a Pro!

The digital world is an essential part of our lives now. Two-year-old children know how to use an iPad and twenty-something YouTube vloggers are making more money a month than some people’s yearly salary. That is why it is not enough anymore to have a great business idea and make a ‘cool’ website for it. Everything is a competition now, a race … and if you want to make it, you will have to get there before anyone else.

If you’ve got that great and unique idea that no one else has thought about before, you only have a limited amount of time to make it work before someone else thinks about it as well. That is why it is important to optimize every step that you take along the way and to not spend valuable minutes, hours and days on research that someone else can do for you. No, I’m not talking about an assistant, I’m talking about a website that can help you speed up your domain name research process.

A lot of time and effort can be wasted on finding that perfect domain name for your website. Many can spend days with their domain name search, because they don’t know where to look or because their chosen domain name has already been taken. Let’s say, you have a business idea, you already got the name and you would like to create a website for it to make it real.

First scenario, you get lucky and the domain name is free. Now, you will look up the websites where you can purchase a domain name, going from tab to tab to see which one offers the best prize. Reading reviews about it and getting lost in the whole process.

This is not how a pro entrepreneur works, does it?! DomainTyper is a website that can do the work for you. It can make your domain name search significantly easier and faster. Once you have typed in your chosen name, it will show you whether it’s available. If it is, it will give you the best three purchasing option, comparing the prices on different websites. You already cut down those long hours of research to about 5 minutes.

Then, there is the second, more unlucky scenario. Your perfect domain name has already been taken. In this case, DomainTyper gives you three options. You can either make an offer to the current holder of the domain or you can choose a different extension for the name (it might be taken for .com, but not for .net, .org., etc.), or you can choose a variation of the name, DomainTyper even gives you suggestions for this.

Once you’ve got your perfect domain name you can proceed to make your big idea a reality. Hopefully, the person competing against you is still doing their research on domain name registrars while you are already building your website with that spot-on name.


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